Graduate Students

Because the Faculty of Robotics is not a department or institute, prospective graduate students
cannot apply directly to the Faculty. Instead, to pursue studies in robotics the prospective student
should apply to UGA’s Graduate School and to the home department of the Faculty fellow with whom you would most like to study. Therefore, there are two steps to your application:

  1. Apply to the UGA Graduate School.
  2. Apply to a Faculty of Robotics fellow’s home department.

Some details on each of these application processes are given below:

1) UGA Graduate School

  • You must first apply to the Graduate School.
  • You can obtain all information here and apply online here.
  • The Graduate School will need:
    • Completed application form
    • Payment of application fee
    • Official transcripts
    • Official GRE scorse (UGA, GRE code = 5813)
    • TOEFL/IELTS if English is not your primary language

2) Home departments of the Faculty fellows are listed below. Need for financial support should be indicated in the application. Students may be supported by a variety of mechanisms including university assistantships, research assistantships (RA), teaching assistantships (TA) and training grants.