CR2G proposals awarded.

Three proposals were selected for funding from the core robotics research
grant (CR2G) program:

1. “STEAM Learning with Humanoid Robots”, David Saltz (PI), Chi Thai (Co-PI)
and ChanMin Kim (Co-PI)

2. Development of Co-Robots to Control Weeds in Organic Food Production”,
Changyin Li (PI), George Boyhan (Co-PI), Javad Mohammadpour (Co-PI) and
David Berle (Co-PI)

3. “Mobile Manipulator Systems for Field Detection and Classification of
Agricultural Pests”, Chi Thai (PI), Suchendra Bhandarkar (Co-PI), Mark
Haidekker (Co-PI), Kyle Johnsen (Co-PI), Don Potter (Co-PI) and Zion Tse

Congratulations to all PIs and Co-PIs above!