Suchendra Bhandarka


Computer Science

My research interests and expertise lie in the areas of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. The broader goal of my research is to enable a robot to sense and interpret its environment visually. In other words, given visual input from a variety of sensors or cameras (color, range, sonar, lidar, etc.) my goal is to make it possible for the robot to automaticaly recognize and localize important objects (i.e., landmarks) in its environment, determine and quantify their spatio-temporal relationships and navigate through the environment accordingly. My students and I are actively engaged in the formulation and design of computational models and algorithms for Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition with Autonomous Robotics as one of the primary application areas. I am also interested in applications of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Medical Robotics, in particular, presurgical planning of reconstructive surgery via automated analysis of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) images. Other application areas of interest include industrial production planning and optimization, intelligent transportation, biomedical imaging and multimedia systems.