Mid-semester gathering

Faculty of Robotics held its mid-semester gathering of Faculty Fellows and
student researchers on Oct 31 featuring a very exciting agenda of speakers:

12:30p - 12:45p Meet and greet over refreshments 
12:45p - 1:05p Short presentation by UGA's TCO and Corporate Connect (Cory
Acuff, Gennaro Gamma and Tyler Duggings) 
1:10p - 1:40p Presentation by KUKA Robotics (Brian Kocks) 
1:45p - 2:15p Short spotlight talks by PIs (or Co-PIs) of CR2G grants (David
Saltz, Chi Thai and Charlie Li) 
2:15p - 2:25p Presentation by PhD student Ken Bogert; Director's remarks and
next steps.

The event was extremely informative and well attended.